Tape, Metal Foil, Sponge & Carrier Tape

Assembly efficient products using non-woven fabric and film board adhesive double coated tapes, polyester film, PVC and other adhesive tapes and adhesive double tapes.

Metal Foil

Electromagnetic wave shield products for anti íV EMI using foils made of aluminum, copper and iron, and electric insulating materials such as different types of plastic film on one or both sides.


Shock proofing and vibration proofing products using polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, foam rubber sponges, etc.

Carrier tape

Carrier tape is widely be used for packing of electronics component, with carrier tape packing that components could prevent mechanical and electrical damage. The tape is applicable to all irregular shaped parts, general to large sized electronic parts. It could also complies with EIAJ and EIA Standards and fully meets useríŽs needs.