KISCO (HK) LIMITED is authorized distributors of SANKEI KAGAKU CO., LTD (Japanese company name : サンケイ化学株式会社) (Chinese: 日本三恵化学株式会社) in Hong Kong and southern China
As the progress of electronic and sophisticated products recently, SANKEI KAGAKU CO., LTD meets the needs of customers to develop the lubricant with supreme quality and environmental friendly.
SANKOL lubricant has 3 series of product, semi-drying lubricant, grease and lubricating fluid.
1)   Semi-dry lubricant
Uses on precision components that with complex profile, sliding parts, cosmetic demanded or high operating temperature
Feature :
A) Ease to form a thin conformal lubricating film.
B) Small parts can be coated evenly by dipping for one time.
C) There is not outgas if apply on the parts with high temperature.
D) If apply on the outward appearance, there is no sticky and conspicuousness.


2)   Grease
Generally apply on the plastic and metal gear for noise elimination and prevention the abrasion between the metal parts. Enhance the durability of the parts.
Feature :
A) Different grades of lubricants can be adopted with superior performance.
B) The application quantity can be controlled easily and possibly.

Application scope of SANKOL Lubricant
Electronic products Home Audio、Portable Audio、Car Audio
OA equipment Printer、Copier machine、Mobile Phone
Optical Instrument camera、digital camera、DV camera
Other Interior decoration parts of cars、musical instrument 、Curtain Rails